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Practice Philosophy

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I specialize in the areas of Health, Rehabilitation, and Pain Psychology. In other words, I work with many patients who have chronic illness, debilitating conditions, cancer, orthopaedic injuries, traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, spinal cord injuries, and other medical or orthopaedic conditions. These affect mental health through mood changes and difficulty adjusting to life transitions. 

I also handle trauma issues, grief, and narcotic usage that often occurs concurrently. I always reserve a special space in my practice and in my heart to serve Active Duty Military and Veterans when they need assistance and are willing to ask for it. They may do so through traditional means or through the Give An Hour Program. 

Aside from my traditional educational and practice background, I have obtained Certification as a Reiki Master, and Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider. My approach to treatment is similar to my approach to life. I encourage patients and clients to explore for themselves a diverse approach to wellness that includes many healthy behaviors that may contribute to healing. They may use meditation, go to a yoga class, or try a new form of art to fill their life with positive things aside from what we work on directly in treatment. I am open to working with people of quite a few spiritual and/or religious backgrounds, as this can be quite healing as one of their tools they use to cope and make meaning of life. 

I have expanded a more traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy practice 

to include healing products and intuitive solutions as a separate service. Therefore, I also offer Reiki treatment, Consultations as a Psychic Medium Channel, & an Etsy shop with many complementary healing products and services. Each of my products are lovingly infused with Reiki before they reach you. Through the customized blending of integrative healing tools, we are best able to achieve an overall sense of peace and wellness. My office is an open and safe place for a broad range of people who are interested in creating their own path to wellness.

Professional Bio

Dr. Sara Vélez completed Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology, Women’s Studies, & French at the University of Wisconsin in 1999. She completed a Master’s degree in Counseling & Clinical Health Psychology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2003. Dr. Vélez completed an additional Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2009. She was trained primarily in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.   

Dr. Vélez has worked in a variety of Medical & Rehabilitation settings for patients with traumatic/acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, orthopaedic injuries, chronic pain, & urban primary care. Therefore, interdisciplinary collaboration is common. 

Additionally, Dr. Velez is a Spiritual Intuitive and able to assist with intuitively sensitive individuals who need assistance coping with & adjusting to life circumstances. This collective approach ensures that the patient is treated as a whole person, rather than singularly addressing a component of their concerns. 

Divine Psychology LLC, is affiliated with Pro Performance Therapy, which is a local Physical Therapy Practice. The current office is Handicapped Accessible & is located within Pro Performance Therapy.

●National Register Health Service Provider  

●American Psychological Association Member 

●GIVE AN HOUR provider for Active Duty Military & Veterans of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars

●Licensed Psychologist in State of Georgia 

●Certified Reiki Master

●Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider


●Psychic Medium Channel

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Align With Shimaya is offering Channeled Messages, Oracle Card Readings to provide insight, Intuitive Soul Guidance, Meditation, Reiki, and more! 

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