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EMOTIONAL IQ FOR KIDS: GET CREATIVE IN NATURE Learn & Create with Dr. Sara Velez Join me for a 1-Hour After School Camp Program. You’ll spend time with other kids getting smarter about feelings & learning how to handle them. You’ll also make your very own crystal bracelet to bring home with you. Learn how to be confident and powerful!

What do we do in this class?

Identify  FEELING words 

Expand EMOTIONAL vocabulary 

Learn COPING techniques 

Use CREATIVITY for relaxation

Extra Benefits

-Social skills practice

-Fine motor skills development

-Attention/Concentaration training

-Meditative Activity

-Enjoy a fun way to relax

-Bring home your creation!

Class Prices

5-10 Kids $225 / Hour

11-15 Kids $375 / Hour

16-20 Kids $500 / Hour

You may inquire about smaller groups.

This same style class can be arranged for an adult program or group therapy setting. 

News & Updates

Check Back Soon!


What Ages are best able to participate? 

-Elementary school on up.

-Even adults can benefit from this class.

How do I sign up?

-Email or call to plan your class.

Where do we take this class?

-On site at your AfterSchool Progrram / Camp / Group Theray / Support Group